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May 6, 2009

Radiomatics – Journal on Communications Engineering ISSN : 1693-5152

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It is beyond all expectations that communication engineering has grown very fastly

to be the next business revolution. This explosive growth was spurred by both an information explosion and a technology revolution. In the radio frequency area, the trend is to move from narrowband to wideband with a family of standards and technologies. Many enabling technologies including wideband code-division multiple
access, software-defined radio, intelligent antennas, and digital processing devices are greatly improving the spectral efficiency of communication systems. The addition of mobility to communication engineering has enabled new applications not meaningful in fixed networks e.g., positioing-based services. However, the developments in communication engineering has only begun and in the future we will see new application areas opening up.

Radiomatics – Journal of Communication Engineering, a new refereed journal, is seeking submissions that will present visionary concepts and stimulating ideas in communication engineering both at the theory and application levels.


The objectives of the journal is to be a source for communication engineering research and development and to serve as an outlet for facilitating communication and networking among communication engineering researchers and professionals across academics, government, industry, researchers, and students.


Professionals from government, academia, research, finance, regulation, network operators, equipment & infrastructure suppliers, content providers, application developers, service integrators and any other sector confronted with the communication engineering.


Radiomatics is to be published three times a year in January, May and September , three issues per volume, one volume per year. The journal publishes original and review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, and notes, commentaries, and news. Contribution may be by submission or invitation, and suggestions for special issues and publications are welcome. Submissions will be subject to double-blind review procedure.

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